Saturday, May 28, 2016

Healthy supplements

  So you may be wondering what line of supplements I have been using to help me be more healthy. 

Let me tell you about the main three products I use first! These have really been a life changer for me. These are a crucial tool I feel for optimum health! 

The pink drink: you know the crystal light packets you can put in your bottle of water? This is just like that except it's good for you! It is sweetened with Stevia. What's so great about Stevia? Well it is safe for diabetics, is 200x sweeter than sugar, and has 0 calories to name a few.  

This can help you manage your weight when combined with diet and exercise! I personally have had more energy from drinking it! I love it and it tastes good!! 

   The Probio5 is an amazing probiotic! Not only does it have 5 strains of probiotic bacteria, but it also has enzymes in it that can help break down candida! Everyone should be on a probiotic I believe, because our gut health is extremely important. 80% of our immune system is in our gut!! This really is the best probiotic out there! 

  And then there is the biocleanse. This is a Magnesium supplement. It helps energize the body plus helps cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract!! It also has vitamin c for antioxidant support! 

If you are truly looking to get healthy then I suggest you start from the inside out. Mainly, your gut. Taking these have been the key to me feeling better finally. Finally having energy, not feeling bloated and sick all the time, and feeling happy!! This could also be the reason you aren't losing weight!

Symptoms of an unhealthy gut

If you are interested in looking at the products yourselves you can go here

Friday, May 27, 2016

"All disease begins in the gut." -Hippocrates

    Did you know 80% of your immune system is in your gut? It is also estimated that 90% of serotonin is made in the gut! Your gut health could be affecting many things you don't even know about! Your gut health could be effected by so many things as well! Antibiotics, certain foods you eat, SUGAR, certain birth control, NSAIDS, chronic stress, industrial seed oils, and chronic infections just to name a few! 

   Months after being home from the hospital I went to see the doctor again. I was still on zoloft at this time. I wanted to talk to her about how I gained weight so rapidly. How I wasn't losing weight.How I had hot flashes as well. She basically told me I need to eat a bunch of small meals a day and prescribed me Prozac instead of zoloft. Why is it necessary to prescribe me an antidepressant? I wasn't gaining weight cause I was depressed.I took the prozac for about a week and just decided to stop taking antidepressants. This doctor did not help me at all. Oh she also sent me to a therapist. I WAS depressed a little from what I had gone through and talking about it probably was a good idea, but this wasn't the fix all. I saw the therapist one time and stopped going to that as well. I find it easier to be more honest with myself than to other people. I had already caught myself spacing out when she talked and telling little white lies, because I didn't wanna talk about something. How did that fix my hot flashes? My weight? My self esteem? It didn't so I decided to do it on my own.

I started researching my tummy issues I was having. I came across a lot of stuff about your gut health, and how having candida overgrowth could cause a lot of the symptoms I was having. I decided to buy a probiotic from walmart, because of this.I knew in my heart this HAD to be causing so much of the issues I had been having. Shortly after that I was told about a company that had a line of supplements that were for gut health!! I felt like this came at an amazing time for me. Had it come before I had did my research about gut health I probably would have ignored it and figured it was some kind of scam. However, this came at a time that I had decided my gut health had to be the reason I was feeling so crappy. I did my research on the products and felt like they would actually help! So I jumped on board right away!! It's been about 3 months now and it has been amazing!! The bloating, stomach cramps, indigestion, etc. I was experiencing after eating has gone away! I no longer feel sick when I eat. and that is a HUGE plus for me, because that was the main thing bothering me. I learned that antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well. After being on IV antibiotics for a week plus being on them again when I went home. Plus just having a c-section in general I learned my gut was most likely filled with bad bacteria and candida overgrowth. The probiotic I started taking is the best you can find! Not only does it have good bacteria but it has enzymes and an antifungal!! That is exactly what I needed to attack this problem!! It was cheaper than walmart brands, had more in the bottle, AND had more in it than just a probiotic! It not only puts good bacteria in your gut, but also starts getting rid of any candida overgrowth you may have! The other product that works with this then helps flush out all the bad stuff its killing and getting rid of! It oxygenates the body and arteries and is a magnesium supplement! I don't mean flushes by giving you diahhrea either! I know a lot of "cleanses" can cause you to have horrible diahhrea. This isn't like that! 

Here is a good test to see if you may have candida overgrowth! 

Anyways, I finally have energy now as well!! I get stuff done during the day instead of sleeping all day!! My menstrual cycle has become regulated(it was irregular since the baby). Also, I have lost inches as well! These products have been life changing for me so far and I love it!! Once I know my insides are healthy my main focus will be my weight. So join me on this journey to better health and happiness! 

My main goals right now are to:
1. Get healthy and BE HAPPY
2. Get my hormones in check. (I believe I have a hormonal imbalance as well due to the hot flashes I continue to get)
3. Drink half my water weight in oz. everyday
4. Lose weight!!

I could lie to you and say it's easy and it all will fix itself right away, but you have to actually want it. You have to put in the effort and the work. Until YOU decide you are ready to be happy and healthy it won't work for you! This came to me at a time where I finally decided I needed to make a change. It's been almost a year now and I am FINALLY getting the old me back! Except a better version of the old me, because I am much healthier now then I was! If you want an easy fix than what I am talking about isn't for you. You have to change your entire mindset! Trust me I know it is hard to find any motivation to do anything! I even went to a therapist who told me the thing I lacked most was motivation for myself. My daughter I had motivation to do everything for her, but for me I just didn't care. I realize now though to care about my happiness and health is to care about her too that way I can teach her how to be as well as a role model!

If you have any of these symptoms you might want to think about where your gut health is at!

Having my daughter PART 2

So let's continue...

I was sent home from the hospital with my baby after 4 days I think? I was sent home with a walker because I was still in too much pain to walk.

The day in a half or so I was home I just slept. Nonstop almost. The baby was mainly in the bed with me so I didn't have to get up. Or Kevin would bring her to me if she did wake up, because getting out of the bed was a huge task that he had to buy a step stool so I could. On the right side of my lower stomach I had an excruciating pain that hurt whenever I moved my leg and made walking impossible. I used the walker a little only to get to the bathroom. Kevin had to help me though. A full 24 hours after being sent home from the hospital I was feeling extremely cold so I decided to check my temperature since I couldn't even stay awake for some reason either. I had a fever. 102 something. I called my doctor who told me to take ibuprofen and tylenol to break it. He said if it kept coming back to go directly to the hospital because they were closed that day. My temperature did end up going down and I went to sleep. The next day my temperature was back. I decided to go to the hospital.

At the ER they took my temperature I had a fever and rather quickly got me a room. Where they had me do a pee test to see if I had a UTI. They did bloodwork as well. They were really quick with me, which is something I don't expect at an E.R. my nurse ended up coming back saying I did have a UTI but also my white blood cell count was abnormally high and they would have to admit me. My heart was broken at this point because I had to be admitted in the hospital WITHOUT my daughter who I was breastfeeding at the time. She was not allowed at all in there. I didn't get to see her for a week. I was alone in a hospital most of the time for a week. I spent 4th of July in the hospital. It was really miserable.

They take me to some part of the hospital right next to the ICU. Hooked me up to a heart monitor. Hooked me up to the IV and started giving me potassium and three different antibiotics through the IV. I still could not walk at this point, and was still in pain. So I had to call the nurses everytime I had to use the bathroom to not only unhook me from the heart monitor and IV but to help me get to the bathroom. I couldn't do a real shower I had to have my nurse help me sponge bathe. And I sat in this bed waiting, because I was told whenever my fever went down I would be able to leave. I stayed in that room for 3 or 4 days. My fever did not go away. The antibiotics were not helping. They started swabbing my csection to look for what type of infection was there because they couldn't figure out where it was coming from. The swab kept coming back with nothing. I had to see the infectious disease doctor almost every day and have her tell me they couldn't find what was going on. Meanwhile, my veins were blowing because the potassium was too strong. So they had to keep finding a new vein to use. Then they had to change what kind of antibiotics I was on. They ended up having to give me the STRONGEST antibiotic they had because nothing was working. My heart rate was high and my breathing was irregular. Which made a stupid alarm go off everytime my breathing wasn't normal and it wouldn't stop until I corrected my breathing. I did have really nice nurses who helped me with everything. I wasn't eating. I wasn't hungry. I still wasn't walking. I still hadn't had a bowel movement. I had to have these pumps on my legs for circulation because I was retaining and EXTREME amount of water because of the non movement. I also developed a rash on my back from laying there.

They ended up moving me to a different part of the hospital after 3 or 4 days. I no longer had to be on the heart monitor. I was in a part of the hospital that was all female. And I luckily still was able to have a room to myself. They Infectious disease doctor decided to do a cat scan on my abdomen and they found nothing. She swabbed my incision again and found nothing. 4 days later and my fever wasn't breaking and I wasn't getting better. I ended up getting incompetent nurses who couldn't put my iv in because it kept blowing the vein. I had to have the IV team come to my room 3 times to reinsert the IV. The last time I had it inserted I was told if it blew again I was going to have to get the IV somewhere in my neck because they literally made me look like a drug addict shooting up. Potassium is very hard on the blood and you have to be really careful when giving it through the IV and apparently these people were not diluting it enough. So that was scary and annoying. I also was on heavy painkillers the whole time every 4 hours so I was pretty much drugged the entire time there. I remember texting people stuff that didn't make sense many times.

Meanwhile, I am being bothered by all my nurses about needing to start walking and to poop! It was impossible to do either I kept trying to explain. Anyways I think my 5th day there I started noticing some weird fluid coming from my incision. It was a lot and it just kept coming and I noticed that weird nonstop pain I had was easing up though from that. The doctors came and had to open up my incision in tiny little spots to help the fluid come out and push on my belly to get it out. I had to wear a bandage over it at this point, but the pain I was having was slowly fading away!! I was able to start walking to the bathroom on my own. I was able to walk a little bit here and there on my own. I was feeling better! Oh and I finally had a bowel movement 2 weeks after I had my daughter.

On the 7th day of being readmitted in the hospital I was finally discharged! The antibiotics finally worked and my fever had gone down for over 24 hours. They sent me home with a wound vac which is a bandage that has a cord connected to it and a little box that controls it. It keeps the bandage on it completely and air out. I had to wear that for 7 days and then remove it and put a new one on. That was extremely painful and hard to do and gross when taken off. It worked though! I saw my doctor who didn't even know I was readmitted or anything and the incision was healing great!! I was feeling better just in a little pain. My swelling went home after a few days of being home and I finally lost almost 30 pounds I had gained while pregnant.

P.S. I never found out what the infection was or anything more about it. I don't even know if they found out. The general consensus was obviously that my incision was infected.

Fast forward I gained the 30 pounds back almost a month after losing it. I started feeling sick EVERYTIME I ate. Literally, everytime I ate something I would get bloated have stomach cramps and indigestion. I had no energy. I was extremely depressed, from what had gone on and from being super tired. And I was back to being really overweight. And that is where my health and wellness journey begins!!! And that is what my next post will begin with!

Having my daughter PART 1

I have put this in to two parts because it is really long. But I want to share with others my experience not only for me to heal but to help anyone else who has experienced something similar. Overall this blog will be about my health and wellness journey presently, but I want to share where it began.

   I have had a really hard time losing weight and just feeling well overall, since I had my daughter in June 2015. My pregnancy was fairly easy in the first two trimesters although I was gaining weight rapidly. I didn't feel like I was eating more than normal, but I must have been. I was gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. Looking back though, my doctor never ever mentioned that I should watch my weight even though I had gained an unhealthy amount. 60 pounds total. I was NOT overweight when I became pregnant, but after the 60 pounds you can bet I was. Being only 5'1 doesn't really help when it comes to your weight either.

The third trimester is when things started getting harder. My daughter was VERY active in my tummy a lot. Especially at night time. It was starting to get extremely uncomfortable because her feet were always up in my ribs. Constantly, I was having rib pain. I wasn't sure if it was contractions or her or what. I didn't know what a contraction was at all or what to expect. But I knew that more often than not my ribs felt like they were being CRUSHED. My belly was huge, not from the weight really, because I had gained the weight EVERYWHERE in my body. The baby weight in my tummy though became extremely uncomfortable moving around. Sitting down hurt the most because my ribs were more crushed during that time. It also became uncomfortable to eat. I was feeling full after barely eating and then experiencing uncomfortable indigestion, bloating, and cramping hours after eating. Needless to say, I was miserable.

This was at 31 weeks 4 days. I guess I never took a bump pic after this :(

I kept working though. I never really seemed to have that hard of a time while I was working, and thankfully I have amazing coworkers who helped me with tasks I couldn't handle.

At 33 weeks though I started having uncomfortable cramping all night and all morning. I decided a trip to the hospital was a good idea as I thought I was having contractions. Turns out, I was having contractions 5 minutes apart that they stopped. I was only 1cm dilated though and around 60% effaced I believe. They gave me the shots to stop my contractions which worked. Then they gave me a steroid shot to help develop my daughter's lungs in-case she did end up coming early. I had to go back the next day to get the next steroid shot. She didn't come though, her head was already at the tip of the birthing canal. My doctor made me stop working though because they wanted the baby to stay in till at least 37 weeks. About a week later I started having the same contraction feeling and whenever this happened my daughter would keep kicking my ribs at the same time. I went back to the hospital, stopped contractions again only 1 cm. still they kept monitoring me and they were 5 minutes apart again and very strong. My blood pressure around this time had started going up as well. I have always had VERY low blood pressure. Like 109/60 low. So they started monitoring my blood pressure as well which seemed to go down on it's own. So I was stuck feeling miserable all the time with my braxton hicks contractions and my daughter kicking my ribs crushing them like she wasn't fitting. Then they made me collect my urine for 24 hours straight in a jug that i had to lug around to three different labs, because I was given the wrong information of where to bring this huge jug of pee I had on ice. LOL sorry about the details but it's too funny not to talk about.

I forgot to mention while pregnant I was also prescribed zoloft for depression. I believe I was almost in my third triimester or already was when my doctor prescribed it. It made me feel extremely tired which I hated. In the beginning it made my stomach sick, but I stuck to it and took it the rest of my pregnancy and a few months after. I can't really tell you if it worked or not. Or if I really needed it. My doctor and I decided I did though at the time.

I went to the hospital at least 3 or 4 times more after that with nothing ever happening besides the contractions. My doctor started talking about inducing the baby at 39 weeks, because of all the discomfort I was in. I agreed that would be a good idea. It also turns out my due date was going to be at the same time he would be on vacation. I was crying to my doctor about how uncomfortable I was all the time and he wanted to help me. He decided to do a membrane sweep at my 38 week appointment and would do it again 4 days after if it didn't kick start labor. The membrane sweep caused me to be in the worst pain ever. I thought I was going in to labor, and maybe I would have if I had went on a walk or something but I was in SO much pain all I wanted to do was laydown and thats what I did. Nothing ended up happening from that either.

Two days later I felt like I was starting to leak amniotic fluid. I went to the hospital they did a swab and told me nope it wasn't but to be prepared because the baby could come at any time. This was the billionth time I had been to the hospital for nothing happening. I was huge and pregnant and uncomfortable, and bored because I hadn't been working for over a month. That day I went out to breakfast with Kevin (my boyfriend)'s mom and then we went to the mall with his dad as well. We walked around the mall for awhile. Then went shopping and I got my breastfeeding clothes I would be needing. I went back home and hungout with Kevin. That night he went to make us snow cones and I got up to go pee and as I am walking towards the bathroom water just starts POURING out of me it seems nonstop. I'm confused at first and yell "I think my water just broke!!" I realized it had once it never stopped coming. I changed pants, and brought an old blanket to cover me and we rushed to the hospital. At the hospital I literally leaked all over the floor and left a trail behind me the staff had to mop. SORRY GUYS! lol. It's around 11 at night when we get there. I don't have any contractions I feel normal besides having my water continuously flowing out. I take a bath in a really nice jacuzzi bath they had and that is when my contractions hit!

I decided in the beginning I would be doing this all natural. I thought I had a good tolerance for pain as well. So even with the nurse pestering me to get the epidural I declined. So I layed there in pain for a few hours. Eventually it got to a point where I thought I would die I was in so much pain. So I decided to do the epidural. At this point I wish I had done it in the beginning because it was way too hard to sit still in that much pain. It took them forever to do it. And right away she had to re-do it. And then when it was all set up it didn't work forever! Then it only worked on one side of my body. And it was like that forever. Finally, it kicked in completely. After I learned I could keep pushing that button next to you without overdosing, I was so afraid that I would overdose if I kept hitting the button I just ignored it. lol.

So I was comfortable and good for hours after that. However when I was admitted I was still at a 1 or 1.5 I believe, that was at 11pm. I finally got 10cm dilated I think around 3pm the next day. That is when I began pushing. My initial thoughts were that pushing wasn't that bad. It wasn't painful I could feel a little pressure but nothing bad at all. This went on forever though and the baby had stopped making progress. You could literally see her hair she was so close though! Some other nurse came in and said the doctor said we needed to lower my epidural and give me pitocin because my contractions were slowing down. That is when the pain really kicked in. I wish looking back I had asked them if they could turn the epidural all the way up again or something, but I wasn't thinking straight. I was in the worst pain imaginable in this one spot mainly. They told me she was positioned weird and tried to do exercises to move her head that didn't work. I honestly can't remember everything but after 2 in a half hours of pushing I felt like I couldn't go on. I started throwing up. I'm not sure what sparked them to do this but they decided at that point to do an emergency c-section. Maybe it was cause I started throwing up and nothing was happening. At this point it's around 6 o clock. 19 hours after I had gotten there. They take me to the c-section room. Give me another epidural and start cutting in to me. I screamed. I felt everything. I felt the baby moving around weirdly I felt the doctors hands I felt being cut open and I screamed. They told me I couldn't scream I had to stop. I stopped they started again and I screamed again. I couldn't control it. That is when they ended up putting me to sleep.

The next thing I remember is waking up a little confused. A nurse comes in and tells me everything was ok the baby is ok. and my first response was "is she still a girl?!" lol. They bring her to me and I finally got to hold her and she attached right way to the breast!

The next few days are kind of torture. I couldn't walk by myself. I had to have someone help me to the bathroom everytime I went. Kevin had to help me a lot. I couldn't change my clothes, my underwear, nothing. Kevin or the nurse had to help me. I was in so much pain in one spot in my lower stomach that was preventing me from walking or doing anything! They kept bothering me to walk but I just couldn't. They had a physical therapist come see me and have me walk around the hospital with a walker so I could walk before being discharged. I was able to but extremely tired after I was. I couldn't get up when the baby was crying I had to somehow wake Kevin up by throwing something at him or have the nurse bring her to me so I could feed her. They ended up letting me go even though I still couldn't walk, and hadn't had a bowel movement. They sent me home with the walker.